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Emergency / Important Contacts
Emergency Phone - 1122

Ambulance - 1100

Health Center / Rumelifeneri Campus - 1273

Health Center / West Campus - 7000

Firefighting Dpt. - 3333

Security Office / Rumelifeneri Campus 3535 - 3536 -

Security Office / West Campus 7007 - 7008 -

IT - Information Technologies Office 1111

Announcement for Dormitory Emergencies

Click the link for usage instructions of emergency release

Dear Students;

We are deeply saddened by the recent massive earthquakes. May God bless the souls of those who lost their lives as we send our deepest condolences to their families and loved ones and may those wounded have a speedy recovery.

In case of occurrence of an emergency such as fire, earthquake, it’s vital for you to be well-prepared against such incidents, as well as the measures taken by the University. Accordingly, please pay the utmost attention to act upon the notice we share with you below and act cooperatively in relevant cases.


Emergency Exits:

In the event of emergencies that require evacuation of the building, you should primarily prefer “Emergency Exit” routes. Emergency Exit routes are designed to be opened 7/24 from inside, with their unblocked and protected doors which contain panic bars. You can check over the ”Evacuation Plans” located on the corridors and nearby the elevators in order to get information about the Emergency Exit routes.

We have 2 different emergency scenarios towards fire and earthquake for our buildings:


Fire Scenario:

It gets activated in occurrence of smoke, dense steam and flames. Emergency voice evacuation system for fire and siren system gets activated, card access systems, magnetic retainers, turnstiles get deactivated and elevators go down to the ground floor and get out of service.


Earthquake Scenario (it gets activated in case of earthquakes that may have destructive effects):

Seismic earthquake sensors in our buildings get activated in parallel with the magnitude and duration of the quake. Emergency voice evacuation system for earthquake gets activated, card access systems, magnetic retainers, turnstiles get deactivated, elevators go down to the ground floor and get out of service, gas flow in the building is suspended.

In case of an incidence that building emergency scenario doesn’t get activated and if you have to be evacuated from a location where card pass systems are located, ”tear off the seal, lift the lid and break the glass” of the green button, next to the doors with card access system/magnetic retainers. Thus, card system/magnetic retainer gets deactivated and you can open the door.

During an earthquake, building doors and turnstile arms get deactivated by the system. In order to activate the system or handle the panic situations, Earthquake Evacuation Buttons are installed in Main Campus and West Campus Housing Directorate Offices and Security, Fire Brigade and Emergency Management Office which deactivate the card access doors and turnstile arms. However, if the turnstiles are left incomplete without completing their tours, the system does not work. Usage of card passes is of vital importance in order to ensure the life safety of you, our dear students.


Earthquake Preparations:

As indicated in our previous announcement, earthquake code compliance assessment on all buildings of Koç University was completed in accordance with the current Earthquake Code, necessary operations were carried out in 9 buildings that were found to require reinforcement in 2022 summer period and all buildings used by Koç University adhered to the latest Earthquake Code.


Furthermore, all of the furniture in our rooms are mounted on the walls. In case you recognize that the mounting bracket is detached or if you think that there is furniture that require mounting, please open a track-it through the link below, as soon as possible.

Track-it Link

In case of your request, padlock device can also be installed on your wardrobe so that you can lock it to ensure the order of your belongings in the room during an earthquake or disaster. Students who have such a request may open a work order through c-track-it/carpentry option and attach their names written on the wardrobe door. After the installation of the related device on the wardrobe, the padlock will be provided by the student.

Track-it Link

You can report possible emergencies (fire, acute illness, injuries etc ) 7/24 to our Security, Fire Brigade, Health and Technical teams by phoning Koç University Emergency Call Center through 0212 338 11 22.

You can access information about Rumelifeneri ve West Campus emergency meeting areas through this link and you can contact Housing Directorate Office for your questions.

As we wish not to experience any disaster, fire or earthquake, it’s of vital importance for you to know and implement the practices aiming to ensure your security.

We wish you a successful academic term

Housing Directorate

Dormitory Check-out Process

1) Procedures that students must perform when leaving the dormitory:

a) Empty the room cleanly by taking all their items from the dorm room,

b) Fill out the dormitory check-out form by going to the Office of Housing Directorate,

c) Deliver textile materials and cabinet keys that they received during the entrance to the dormitory,

d) Hand over the room card,

2) Half of the dormitory deposits of students who do not perform the above checkout procedures shall be deducted and “2” points shall be given.

3) After students leave the dormitory as mentioned above, the items they leave in the rooms shall be considered waste. Students shall be considered to have lost their property rights over the items they abandoned. The University or any departments are not responsible for the belongings left unattended by the students.