Koç University Dorms are capable of hosting 1.822 students in the Main (Fener) Campus, and 1.371 students in the West Campus (Which is 3-4 Km apart, and reachable with frequent inter-campus shuttle runs).

Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintet rooms are available. Wireless Internet access, cable-TV and phone-services are available in each room. Each dorm room has a refrigerator, bed, closet, desk, chair, bed stand, light, pillow and blanket. Students are recommended to bring their own towel, pillow case and sheets.

Housekeeping services are weekly for rooms and daily for common areas.  Each building is equipped with a laundry room, a kitchen and a lounge with a TV and computers.

30 Dormitories staff are accessible via 24/7 shifts to improve the residence life experience.