When can I check in and check out?

Dormitory check-in and check-out dates are determined by Housing Directorate Office according to the Academic Calendar.

More detailed and up to date information can be found using “Announcements” links.

Students have to sign a Dormitory Contract and pay the dorm fee to check-in. Check in procedure should be completed within 3 days after dormitory opening day.

Can I choose my roommate during the application?

You can type in a name you want to stay with. If the request is mutual with your friend, we will try our best during the placement process, within the bounds of possibility.

Or, you can make a general request like; local student etc. by sending an email to dorms office.

Can I change my room if I don't get along with my roommate?

Your request will be evaluated within the bounds of possibility. There are no room changes during the first 2 weeks of semester, and you cannot make more than 1 change per semester.

Can I stay in the dorm during summer holiday?

Only summer school students can stay in the dorms during summer. Students, working for a special project within Koc University can also stay, if they can certify this.

What should I do if I have a health problem?

Health centers are available in both campuses, operating 24/7.

Can I have a pet?

No pets are allowed in KU dorms.

Can I listen to music or watch TV in my room?

Unless you don’t disturb anyone else.

Can I post any banner, poster, announcement, picture etc. in my room or dorm?

It is forbidden to post banners, posters, announcements, pictures etc. unless you get approvals from the Housing Directorate.

What happens when I disobey dorm rules and regulations?

Appropriate warnings and penalties are issued according to” KOC UNIVERSITY DORMITORY GUIDELINES”.

If I leave the dorm before check out day, can I apply again for the coming terms?

Only students who have been asked to leave by the Housing Directorate or ones who violate rules and regulations cannot apply to the dorms again.

How can I go to the city center?

There private minibuses operating between Sarıyer and the campus. It takes only 20 minutes from campus to downtown. In addition, IETT (municipality) buses run in every half an hour. Please click shuttle and bus schedules.  Our campus is approximately 25 minutes to city center.

Are there any shopping facilities in the campus?

Migros mini market is open between 10am-7pm.

Who has priority during dorm allocations?

Scholarship and exchange students have priority during dorm allocations.

Is every student allocated to the room he/she has requested during application?

There are many different types of dorm rooms. Single rooms are given to seniors and juniors. 4 people rooms are planned for ELC students in order to facilitate their adaptation to university. Triple bunk bed rooms are planned for exchange students, within bounds of possibility.

What should I do if I lose my room key?

You need to fill in a “Lost Key Form” in the accommodation office, in case the room card is lost, broken or out of order. A fine of on to the fee specified in the Lost/Backup Key List shall be deducted from your dorm deposit for the lost or broken card and the card is replaced with a new one.

What should I do if I come across with maintenance issue?

You can report faults related to your room by opening a work order to the relevant units via the https://trackit.ku.edu.tr/page. C-TRACKIT for electrical, mechanical and construction problems; telephone, internet, printer etc. You can create IT-TRACKIT for problems.

How can I obtain a certificate of residence?

For residence certificate applications;

You should open an H-TRACKIT request, please click this url from pc or laptop and follow the steps below: https://h-trackit.ku.edu.tr

Request Catalog >> Dorm Life >> Residence Certificate Request

Mother-Father Name/Place of Birth/Date of Birth/ TC Identity Number are required. The requests of those students who do not completely provide these information will not be taken into consideration. (Please pay the most attention to filling your forms by using Turkish characters and selecting your campus correctly.)

What should I do for the check out?

Students have to inform the Dorms Office at least few hours before check out. Then a room inspection is done by the Dorm Head. Students check out by signing check out forms and returning the room key. Whole responsibility of inspection results and additional costs belongs to residents, if they leave without a notice.

Is there a storage facility where I can leave my extra belongings?

There is a storeroom in building S for those needs. Students can leave only one parcel for the summer period. They have to collect it when the fall term starts. Housing Directorate cannot be held responsible for parcels not collected on time.

Is there anyone who can help me carrying my luggage?

There is no porter service in our dorms. Every student is responsible for his/her own belongings.